This is a desert event for all types of off road vehicles, motorcycles, ATV'S, dune buggies, trucks and even such exotic vehicles as converted golf carts, motorcycles with side cars and even off road Lincoln's are o.k.. Each vehicle travels a track of about 20 - 25 miles stopping 5 times at checkpoints where the driver/rider receives a poker card. Five cards are drawn and the best poker hand wins. The driver/rider turns in the poker hand and then goes a second time free of charge. 

The poker run concludes at 1:30 P.M. and prizes are awarded to the 10 best poker hands of the day.

This is a one day event,  The May date is the 13th. Please mark your calendars.   Any change of date  will be posted on this web site. Drivers/riders once entered can take as many laps as time (8:00 A.M. - 1:30 P.M.) permits.


Volunteers who enjoy the desert and the sport of 'off -roading' conduct the poker runs.  We have contracted with a new group, Firehawk Protection Firefighters EMT's,to handle medical and fire emergencies.  Our new safety team comes with six off duty firemen, a four wheel drive ambulance and a fire patrol vechicle equipped with both water and chemical extinguishers.  This group also furnishes two quads and firemen to roam the courses in case of any emergencies.  The group also works with the Adelanto Grand Prix and the races held at the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds.  Checkpoint and registration personnel are all volunteers.  No one receives any compensation. 

   We are hard at work laying out the course for the upcoming May event.  Please remember, we are confined to just a part of the Stoddard Valley Open Area.  We are doing our best to come up with new areas or at least, land we haven't traveled in a number of years.  Again, this isn't easy, as we must stay within BLM boundaries. Family and friends, who give their time for the love of the desert, make up the rest of volunteers. 


The Poker Run site is in Stoddard Valley just south of Barstow, CA. Barstow is located on IS/15 between Los Angeles, CA. and Las Vegas, Nevada. Start/Finish can be reached by going south from IS/15 on highway 247 (Barstow Road) 12 miles to the Slash X Cafe. Follow the poker run signs to the registration area. Port-a-potties, a large trash dumpster and hundreds of desert acres are available for camping. The road into the start/finish area from highway 247 is well maintained and can be used by the largest of trailers and motor homes. Bring your own water and firewood. CLICK HERE FOR MAP


The Slash X Cafe is a famous desert off road location. This is a family establishment that specializes in everything from hamburgers to steaks. Refreshments include soda pop, beer and wine. Food is available at the start/finish line.